Tesla revealed a near production-ready version of its crossover Model X at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.  Based on the platform that underpins the Model S sedan, the electric Model X will enter Tesla's production cycle sometime in 2014.

By designing the Model X to accommodate the flat battery pack under its floorpan, the electric crossover has ample interior space, seating for seven "adults" and offer three rows of accessible seats.

The Model X's signature look remains its double-hinged falcon doors (a novelty features that some believe will disappear before production begins), which open upwards while folding to allow easy access to the vehicle's second and third-row seats.

Available with the Model S 60 or 85-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, Tesla claims that the Model X will nearly match the EPA range ratings found on the window stickers of its electric sedan (208 and 265 miles, respectively).

Tesla Model X concept. Updated images coming soon.

Tesla Model X concept. Updated images coming soon.

As for performance, Tesla claims a 0 to 60 mph time in the sub five second range.  Four-wheel drive will be optional.

Pricing is expected to be similar to the Model S, so expect to pay at least $70,000 for the cheapest (60-kWh) version of the Model X.

Additionally, Tesla is still believed to be working on a BMW 3 Series rival (both in size and price), which is tentatively scheduled for production  in 2016.

Look for fresh images of the Model X to replace these now-outdated shots as soon as Tesla updates its media site.  We're told that won't occur until tomorrow.

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