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Like so many new technologies, there are more paradigm shifts to cross than the technologies themselves.

As any EV owner knows your day begins and ends with the plugging and unplugging of your EV which seems to somehow annoy the ICE driver who sees it as a cumbersome task. So I thought I would take the industrial engineering approach and break it down.

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EV:  You have to enter and exit your vehicle at the end of each day so that is  excluded from the laborious task of plugging in. The time begins with removing the charge cable, placing in a holder and closing the cover on the charge compartment. The return action begins with pressing a button or unlatching a lever, removing the charge cable from the holder and plugging in. Each action will take 5-15 seconds. A week would equate to approximately 1-3 minutes.



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ICE: With a little bad luck you will waste the 1-3 minutes waiting at the light to make your turn into the gas station or waiting your turn at the pump, but there is no practical way to measure that so we will omit, as long as we "admit" we have been there. We will start with the navigation into the gas station 5-15 seconds, turn off and exit the vehicle 5 seconds, retrieving gas card, swiping and returning gas card for safety 5-15 seconds (or worse waiting in line to pay the attendant), answering the questions at the pump, zip code, type fuel, debit or credit, do you want a car wash with that? 5 -15 seconds, checking for the ever popular card readers, filling 10 - 15 gallons 2 minutes (this varies), return to your vehicle and start vehicle 5-15 seconds, exit the gas station and hope you did not miss the light again 5-15 seconds.

So many things can go wrong on your way to the pump yet we have accepted it as a way of life. From inclement weather pumping in the rain, snow etc. Worrying about the ever growing credit card theft, and traffic. Hey, wait a minute! I am annoyed with filling my ICE! We have been perfecting the ICE for 100 years and this is where we are?


Chevrolet Volt With A Wireless Charging System

Chevrolet Volt With A Wireless Charging System

We have only begun to perfect the EV. The new surge of EVs is less than three years old now and already the need to plug in is being eliminated.

The basics behind cordless charging are fairly simple.  You drive your car into your garage, while lining up your car’s ‘hot spot’ over a charging mat, generally accompanied by a series of directional prompts.  You then exit your car and go about your day.  No more plugging your car in.  No more surprise moments the next day if you had forgotten to do so. Well even this will be outdated by 2014, the Infiniti LE will handle the task automatically with a single push of a button.


So for those arguing that refueling is a hassle we agree! The time along with pumping in the rain, being at risk for digital theft, and simply waiting for the pump to stop. The paradigm is that you have to wait for the electric car to charge when in fact it is just the opposite. Sorry for the smile as we drive past the pump.

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