VIA Motors will unveil three new vehicles at the NAIAS show this week, and former GM Vice Chairman has cut a promotional video teasing the event.

"I Traded In All My GM Suits Straight Up For This VIA Jacket"

The three vehicles are:

  • a high-performance 4WD pick-up truck with an 800 horse-power option called the "X-Truck,"
  • a technology-packed, luxury class 4WD SUV,
  • the first-ever extended range electric 12-passenger van, for ride-share and shuttle applications.
Mr. Lutz references the technology he pioneered in the Volt, and has apparently perfected in large, utility platforms for VIA, while touting the vehicles can achieve over 100 MPGe.

An rebadged Escalade that get you 100 MPGe?  That is progress.  Unfortunately, like everything else, it comes with a price.  The base Silverado based VTRUX comes in at around $79,000, so we imagine the Escalade will set you back around low 6-figures.

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