Expected to hit dealerships in early 2013, the Ford Fusion Energi could soon be the Blue Oval's top-selling plug-in vehicle.

Though its price of $39,495 (excluding up to $3,750 in federal tax credits) seems a bit steep, the Fusion Energi faces little competition in the mid-size, five-seat plug-in sedan category.  The compact Chevy Volt holds only four adults, so the Fusion Energi's only true competitors will likely be the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and the upcoming Honda Accord PHEV.  The uplevel Fusion Energi Titanium starts at $40,995.

Ford's so-called

Ford's so-called

Moving past its steep price, we see that the Fusion Energi is an efficient machine.  Yesterday, Ford made it known that the Fusion Energi received its official MPGe ratings.  The numbers, which check in at 108 MPGe city , 92 MPGe highway and 100 MPGe combined (the Prius Plug-In gets only 95 MPGe combined) , make the Fusion Energi's the US' most fuel-efficient sedan, according to Ford.

The Fusion Energi will become Ford's fifth electrified vehicle to launch within the past 13 months and is "expected to accelerate the company’s record hybrid sales pace," according to Ford.

Expect the Fusion Energi to wheel out to dealerships across the nation in "early" 2013.  We believe its electric-only range will be approximately 20 miles, but that's not official yet.

Video (below):  A little background on the Ford Fusion Energi

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