In the official teaser trailer for Time Framed-Episode One, the Tesla Model S makes her big screen debut.  Though only shown for a few seconds, it's worth noting due to the fact that the series of Time Framed short films focus on clean energy in some sort of way.

Star character Ian Somerhalder, who's now described as clean energy's sexy champion, finds himself in the role of Agent Black, a gun-for-hire secret operative who battles against evil-doers aiming to steal a device that could provide the world with clean energy.  Luckily, Agent Black finds himself behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S, one of the world's cleanest and quickest production electric vehicles.  It's the vehicle we think James Bond should drive, but Agent Black beat him to the punch.

Our only question is this: what's with the silver Model S?  Shouldn't Agent Black opt for one in the darkest of hues?

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