Owners of the Nissan LEAF were recently invited to one of Nissan's facilities in Japan to celebrate the electric hatchback's second birthday.  The anniversary celebration included an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime surprise.

Those in attendance were privileged with the opportunity to lap the track in a Nissan LEAF Nismo RC, driven by what we'd assume to be some extremely experienced LEAF Nismo handlers.  According to Nissan, this race-ready LEAF weighs 40 percent less than the road version and sits nearly 14 inches lower to the ground. Unlike the production LEAF, the Nismo RC version is a purpose-built electric machine that's truly at home on the track.  It's unthinkably low center of gravity, coupled with an uprated suspension and instantaneous torque from its electric motor surely make for a thrilling ride.

Notice those cheek-to-cheek grins? While it's next to impossible to accurately convey speed and cornering Gs by video, it's obvious from the oddball facial expressions that these were thrilling rides. And yes, we're extremely jealous of the lucky ones who strapped in the passenger seat for what was no doubt a moment that will never be forgotten.  Is it our turn now?

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