According to oversees automotive outlet Whatcar, Audi has been developing a new entry to the plugin market.

The car will utilize a tiny 1.0 liter gas engine and sit atop the current A-1 compact car platform.  Audi is internally calling it the "1.0 liter car" that will be "affordable".  Whatcar received this information directly from  Wolfgang Durheimer, who is Audi's new chief of technical development.

Durheimer told  reporters the vehicle will offer "all the creature comforts of a normal car, including climate control."

Obviously the details on this vehicle are limited though it is clear some electric assistance will be given to the gas engine.  It is assumed the vehicle will have a lithium ion battery with plug-in capability.

Furthermore, to achieve high fuel efficiency, Audi will utilize new carbon fiber engineering to ensure the vehicle is extremely light.

Reference:  Whatcar


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