Originally, it was estimated that Fisker had lost up to 16 Karmas when a fire broke out at a New Jersey port during Hurricane Sandy, now it appears that estimate was a little low.

Fisker Karma Fire Aftermath (via Port Authority of NY & NJ)

Fisker Karma Fire Aftermath (via Port Authority of NY & NJ)

The Wall Street Journal (sub) says an entire shipment was lost during the storm, and Karma losses to the storm numbered more than 300.

According to Fisker spokesperson Roger Ormisher, the cars are "completely done," but that the $100,000+ extended range vehicles were all insured, and that it should not have any material impact on the auto maker.  Other than losing 300+ cars heading to customers and inventory of course.

In total, the port has lost about 16,000 vehicles to the storm, with Toyota potentially writing off 4,000 cars of their own.

The earlier report of 16 cars burning, turned out to be a result of corrosion from residual salt (left after the Karmas were submerged in saltwater) on a Vehicle Control Unit that caught fire when powered by one of the car's 12V batteries, and was not connected to anything related to the Karma's 20 kWh lithium battery.  High winds apparently caused the fire to jump to other nearby Karmas.

In respect to the lost inventory, the Fisker spokepoerson said the automaker should not have any difficulty meeting demand as there is available inventory in the U.S at the dealerships. Apparently, were being held at the port awaiting dealership to claim them as they were needed.  This inventory will now be replenished from more stock from Fisker's assembly plant (through Valmet Automotive) in Finland.

Wall Street Journal (sub)

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