Beginning in April of next year, current owners of Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts will be able to have wireless inductive charging systems installed in their garages.

The new option comes as a result of an agreement achieved between SPX Service Systems and aftermarket firm Evatran.

Customers will receive both a new charging station as well as an adapter installed on the undercarriage of their vehicle.  The charging station includes a wireless induction pad that sits on the floor below the car.  The system is called the Plugless Power system.

Customers who wish to obtain the system will be eligible for a free in home qualification survey.

"Our EV charging programs are all about choice for the consumer. We've seen strong interest in the market for a wireless charging solution and we are pleased to add Plugless Power as an option within our portfolio of products. Evatran has the right approach to the market with an aftermarket strategy, and we feel that this partnership allows us to combine our 100 years of automotive service experience with our strong charging infrastructure business," added Kevin Mull, Service Solutions' Vice President of EV Solutions.

Going to the website for pre-orders, it appears the first 500 owners will get six months of "free charging" from Plugless Power. There is no official price yet, but the system is said will be "competitively priced"  below $3000.

Plugless Power


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