Chevrolet Spark EVs in Torrence, California

Chevrolet Spark EVs in Torrence, California

Other than some hot weather testing in the desert,  we haven't heard much from GM on the Spark EV of late.  That is until GM Korea put out an update on its "future growth strategy," which included a production update on the little, fully electric vehicle.

And while the company did not have a lot to add, the fact they are mentioning it all is good news.

Pure electric vehicles have not been the success story many had imagined, and when you couple a disappointing marketplace for the segment with the fact the Chevrolet Spark EV's battery supplier A123 just went bankrupt, that is not the best set of scenarios for a company that is just about to investment a good chunk of its $900 million annual budget to develop plug-in cars.

Thankfully, we don't have to worry any of that now, as GM will be building up the Spark EV line early in 2013, as well as putting the car on sale in its domestic market (South Korea) at some point later in the year.

The GM Korea press release also notes that after the car is put on sale in South Korea, it will be coming to the United States next.

Sergio Rocha, president of subcompact and the EV department at GM Korea said (loosely translated from Korean),  "The Spark electric car GM Korea, the first to introduce pure electric cars, and GM Korea, the domestic production and sale of this vehicle in the global GM's car of the future strategy very the case to prove that he has an important role."

InsideEVs spoke with Annalisa Bluhm, who works for Chevrolet Communications, and she confirmed to us that the Spark EV is fully on schedule as was originally intended, and that it will indeed be built in 2013 in South Korea (Changwon), and will be sold later in 2013 in the United States as a 2014 model.

Reading between the lines, if you are waiting on a Chevrolet Spark EV from General Motors, think October 2013.

Below:  Video of Spark going out for a calibration test in the desert

GM Korea 

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