The Chevrolet Volt was considered GMs automotive answer to Apples iPhone.  It is a car packed with technology, and like gadgets, has the ability to receive software updates.

Inside the Volt, there is are processors running on more than a million lines of computer code that control everything from dashboard behavior and battery monitoring to electric motor operation.

GM has discovered that there is a glitch in the software found in the 2013 Chevrolet Volts.

This discovery came through the site I founded,, where forum members first reported their cars were mysteriously shutting off while driving with the steering wheel and brakes still functioning.

GM determined a software glitch could cause the electric motor to power off only if the car is running with the delayed charging function activated.

This problem affects 4000 vehicles only of the 2013 model year and GM has FedEx'd a letter to all those owners notifying them of their need to update.

We are notifying 2013 model year Chevy Volt owners about a customer satisfaction issue. We have received a few reports from owners that their electric motor has temporarily stopped working, resulting from a software anomaly when their vehicle is in the delayed time and rate charge mode," GM spokesperson Michele Malko told reporters. "We're asking owners to bring their vehicles into their local Chevy dealer for a re-flash of the vehicle's control system, which should take less than an hour. Until then, we're recommending that customers switch to immediate instead of delayed time charging to avoid this inconvenience."

Source: Detroit News

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