We have previously reported that Nissan is planning to decontent the next year version of the Nissan LEAF in order to get costs down.

The battery pack will remain the same but premium content will be reduced.

John Voelcker at GreenCarReports got access to some spy photos of the upcoming 2013 Leaf that proves the point.

The photos show that the car will look the same, the general design of the skin is unchanged.  Gone, however, are the high tech LED headlamps.  Though these lamps might increase range a mile or so, their cost is prohibitive.

It also appears that the wheels are different, instead replaced by inexpensive wheel covers.

The eco-friendly seating made from crushed water bottled also seems to be replaced by cheaper dark fabric cloth.

The spy photos do not reveal the contents of the center stack, there is a sheet of paper taped over it.  It is safe to assume that the sophisticated high-tech LED display has probably been replaced with a more low tech conventional set of controls.

All in all these changes are not going to affect the driving experiences or the joy of not using gas.  In fact if the price can be substantialy lowered these changes can hopefully lead to a large increase in the US fleet and more displacement of oil.

See the whole set of images over at Green Car Reports!

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