Nissan has demonstrated a self-driving Leaf EV at the 2012 Ceatec Exhibition in Japan. (don't worry we don't know what the Ceatec Exhibition is either)

The future-tense electric vehicle features various marking modes; one of which allows the car to park autonomously of the driver driver, even if that means navigating a multi-level parking garage.

More impressive however, is the cars ability to respond to a sent message (via a Smartphone App), that tells the LEAF not only where you are, but to pick you up.  

In order to drive on its on road data is picked up from four cameras that attempt (Nissan Engineer Tooru Futami's words) to match its surrounding with a diagnostic map.  

Mr. Futami didn't go on to explain what the car does in the event it is driving and can't figure out exactly where it is, but it is probably not good,

Best Steering Wheel Option Ever!

Best Steering Wheel Option Ever!

The car can also be operated remotely (or as a remote control car) via an Android smartphone.

As the huge "NSC-2015" decal on the side of the car suggests, some of the 'remote' features are hoped to be in place on the Nissan LEAF around 2015.  

It would seem that self driving, and the rumored introduction of wireless  charging for the Nissan LEAF in 2014 sound like a really good fit; never park or plug in your car again.

But for now, we just like seeing the cool neon blue steering wheel whip around by itself.

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