A vehicle category that is sorely lacking a plug-in hybrid option at this point is the SUV. At the moment there are no plugin hybrid production SUVs on sale.

Mitsubishi hopes to get the jump on the category.

At the Paris Motor Show, the Japanese automaker has just unveiled the Mitsubishi Motors' Outlander PHEV with State-of-the-Art Plug-in Hybrid EV System.

"Outlander PHEV is the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV and offers the best of three worlds: the environmental performance of an electric vehicle (EV), the cruising range of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, and the on- and off-road performance of an SUV," states the company.

Mitsubishi says it will begin production of the vehicle in Japan in 2013.

The drivetrain is complex and is based on the pure electric drivetrain found in the current all electric iMiEV. The SUV will have an all-electric mode, a series hybrid mode in which the engine charges the battery, and a parallel hybrid mode in which the electric and gas motors work together to move the vehicle.

The lithium-ion battery will be 12 kwh in size,and the engine will be "gas sipping" 2.0L 4 cylinder. The drivetrain includes three electric motors, two on the front axle and one on the rear axle which will allow the car to have 4WD.

This combination will offer up to 34 miles (55 km) pure electric driving range, total driving range with gas of up to 547 miles ( 880 km), and a combined fuel efficiency of 144 MPG (61 km/L). It should be noted these values are based on the very feather footed Japanese test cycle.

Congratulations to Mitsubishi for offering consumers another vehicle category that they can plug into the grid an avoid using gas.

As for the release dates to consumers, the company says:

"MMC will introduce Outlander PHEV in the Japanese market in early 2013 then sequentially roll out the model in Europe, North America, and other markets around the world."

For those even more interested, Mitsubishi offers a very detailed breakdown of the vehicle in its press release today, which can be found here.


Outlander PHEV specifications (Projected)

Overall length x width x height (mm)
4655x 1800 x 1680
Wheelbase (mm)
Vehicle weight (kg)
Twin Motor 4WD
Electric Motors Type
Permanent magnet synchronous
2 (Front x 1 / Rear x 1)
Max. output (F/R)
60 kW / 60 kW
Max. torque (F/R)
137 N-m / 195 N-m
Battery Type
Total voltage (V
300 V
Rated capacity (kWh)
12 kWh
Gasoline Engine Type
2.0-liter 4-cyl. MIVEC
Generator Generating capacity
70 kW
Target charging times (from zero %) 200 V AC (15 Amp)
Approx. 4.5 hours (fully charged)
Quick-charging time
Approx. 30 minutes (approx. 80% charged)
Target EV-only cruising range
at or greater than 55 km (JC08 mode)
Target combined cruising range
at or greater than 880 km (JC08 mode)
Target combined fuel efficiency (plug-in fuel efficiency)
at or greater than 61 km/liter (JC08 mode)
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