The head of the Russian owned corporation Russian Technologies, Sergei Chemezov, has purchased the first EV from Russian-based automotive manufacturer Avtovaz, the El Lada. This small vehicle which debuted at the Moscow Auto Show (review here) on Wednesday, is built on the Lada Kalina model chassis and is currently being built in limited numbers.

With a 500 million rubles, or about $15.5 million US, investment including major government support, Autovaz’s President Igor Komarov said “further development of production will depend on government support and the government policy in the electric car sphere.” One of the major shareholders  in the company currently is Russian Technologies.

Not much information on the power plant, but range is to be around 93 miles

Not much information on the power plant, but range is to be around 93 miles

According to Chemezov, he wanted to purchase this vehicle for his son:

"I bought the first electric car from this series. The vehicle is very fast and agile. My ten-year-old son is already driving it, and I sit nearby - it's dangerous for pedestrians because it moves so quietly.”

Based on the article from EV World, the agreement between Avtovaz and the Russian territory of Stavropol will be to build 100 EV taxis over the next two years. The article also states that the current price of each of these El Lada EVs is 1.25 million rubles, or around $38,724 US.

The vehicle itself, which is based off the small Lada Kalina, weighs around 1,200kg or about 2645.5 pound and has a maximum range of 150 km in the city, or about 93 miles. Current charging times is around 8 hours because based on the article you can only charge using a basic electrical outlet.

No word yet on vehicles available for public purchase, but I guess if you're a ten year old son of a Russian business man, you can get your hands on one.

To learn more, check out the story from EV World.

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