A joint venture between Urban Green Energy (UGE) and GE Electric announced today that they have completed the installation of the first Sanya
Skypump, a wind-powered EV charger for the ultimate in green energy. Installed by UGE Iberia, the Spanish branch of New York based Urban Green Energy, this Sanya Skypump is located at Cespa's Global headquarters, an environmental services company that is owned by the world's largest private transportation infrastructure investor, Ferrovial Servicios, just outside Barcelona.
The Sanya Skypump can be installed in any location and has great appeal to all users and customers.

The Sanya Skypump can be installed in any location and has great appeal to all users and customers.

The Sanya Skypump is an innovative design that includes a pair of 2K UGE vertical wind turbines that is connected to the GE Durastaion in a single, well designed unit. By allowing for a complete package that includes a power source and charger, the Sanya Skypump is designed with higher voltage in mind, using the level two charge. The skypump has been designed with both commercial and government customers in mind by giving a strong statement to the general public. To learn more about the specifications of the Sanya Skypump, take a look at the spec sheet.  It has a rating of 4 kW.

“Since launching the Sanya Skypump, we have received inquiries from companies around the world that are looking to embrace sustainability,” said Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE. “The Sanya Skypump is one of those rare products that enable institutions to demonstrate their commitment to the environment while providing a really useful service as well.”

According to the press release, GE is a large supporter of EVs and has announced plans to purchase 25,000 EVs by 2015 for use as company cars and to corporate customers through its Fleet Services business. Charles Elazar, marketing director of GE Energy Management’s Industrial Solutions business in Europe, says, “GE is launching a family of electric vehicle charging systems in Europe offering domestic and commercial users a range of easy-to-use, flexible systems to help make electric vehicles a practical, everyday reality."

To learn more about Urban Green Energy, the Sanya Skypump, and GE Electric, please take a look at this press release.

Here is a video compilation from UGE showing the Sanya Skypump in action:


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