The Ontario Ministry of Transportation, or MTO, is currently offering government backed grants for small businesses or end user consumers to lease or purchase either a hybrid-electric or pure electric vehicle. This current incentive is part of the many Canadian Government Funding Incentives for Greening your Business, also according to the article.

The program, which has been called the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, is exclusive to the purchase or lease of only highway capable, plug-in hybrids or pure battery powered EVs. No matter who purchases the vehicle, either business or end user, they can receive up to $8,500. But for

Businesses could claim up to five EV's per year only if they are registered for at least 36 months in Ontario.

Businesses could claim up to five EV's per year only if they are registered for at least 36 months in Ontario.

businesses, they have the ability to claim this incentive on as many as 5 vehicles per calender year. However to maximize the rebate they must have all units registered for three years in Ontario, Canada.

InsideEVs own Jay Cole has utilitzed this program on a couple of occasions and reports that:

"The process is very straight forward and simple, you simple fill out a form and email or fax in your bill of sale, and you get an instant rebate of up to $8,500 within a couple weeks.  

The adoption of electric vehicles in the US would certainly be quicker, simplier and available to everyone if were not a 'credit for those who qualify at tax time' program but an instant rebate program."

(Attached below is a copy of his $8,500 rebate on a purchase of a 2011 Nissan LEAF)

Canada's Government Funding Incentives for Greening your Business is only part of the massive incentives for a greener Canada. According to Mentor Works, federal and provincial governments as providing funding and resources to help small businesses invents in equipment, property, and other capital expenditures to expand and improve current operations in a greener manner. Pertaining to vehicles, however, the Ontario Government is trying to increase the number of hybrid-electric and electric vehicles driven inside their province to one out of 20 vehicles by 2020.

Stub From Ontario's

Stub From Ontario's

To learn more about this program take a look at the article on Business Insider.

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