Available now in the app store, the Ford's MyFord application, which was designed by Ford engineers exclusively for the Ford EVs including the Focus Electric and soon to be released C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids, will be able to help customers locate charging stations based on multiple databases and  mapped with MapQuest, manage vehicle charging remotely, view current battery status, and plan trips.


With stations popping up constantly thanks to demand, the MyFord app uses multiple sources to update station locations almost daily.

With stations popping up constantly thanks to demand, the MyFord app uses multiple sources to update station locations almost daily.

With over 9,400 public charging stations currently in service, Ford wants to make its customers take advantage of the multiplying infrastructure in the United States. Although the amount of locations are growing, the time required for a full charge has shrank. For example, the Ford Focus Electric can fully charge in four hours and the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid can filly charge in two-and-a-half hours.


To locate one of the EV stations, the Ford MyFord uses a MapQuest locator and provides important details about charging stations within close distance to your location and can be narrowed down by address or station hours. Since this database is managed separate from the application, the amount of stations will consistently update based on data received by MapQuest and other sources.


"As more stations join the grid. MyFord Mobile users will be amond the first to know because information about charger locations is constantly being culled from various sources to provide the most up-to-date data," said Mike Tinskey, Ford's manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure. Tinskey added, "In addition to having innovative features that allow customers to minimize their transportation costs and maximize their EV driving range, MyFord Mobile also is the only mobile app that integrates up-to-date charge station locations real-time within the application."


According to Ford, by 2013, Ford will triple its electrified vehicle production while all vehicles will come equipped with batteries that allow for quick charging at public locations. Currently, the Ford Focus Electric is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charges in four hours, or about half the time of the Nissan Leaf. The C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, which is coming this fall, will be able to recharge in two-and-a-half hours thanks to the same technology.


Tinskey added that Ford is helping to create history and change the future. "Not only are these charge stations a boost for consumers thinking about a plug-in hybrid vehicle, but they also provide a glimpse of how things will likely take shape in the future." He continued, "I cannot recall another time in our history when there was so much momentum and resources around an energy shift for transportation."


To learn more about the Ford MyFord application, take a look at this press release from ford.

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