Ford C-Max Energi Priced From $29,995* (after credit)

Ford C-Max Energi Priced From $29,995* (after credit)

Ford has finally put a price tag on its plug-in hybrid, $33,735.  However, given the car's onboard lithium battery capacity of 7.5 kWh, it also qualifies for $3,740 worth of government credits, enabling Ford to promote the car at an adjusted $29,995.

In California, the vehicle is expected to be AT-PZEV-compliant which means it will qualify for the high-occupancy vehicle lanes. Additionally, the C-MAX Energi also is expected to qualify for additional tax credits up to $1,500 in California, bringing the cost even lower to some buyers.

The Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid is expected to deliver 550 miles of total range, of which, "more than 20 miles" of driving can be achieved in electric-only mode – that is more than triple the electric-only range of the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid (based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing methods).

Ford's representative, John Wood, told InsideEVs that the top speed will not be limited to 62 miles per hour in electric only drive mode, as found in the plug-in Prius, but declined to offer exactly what the C-Max Energi would top out at.  Update:  Astute reader bitguru notes in the comments that Ford has also put up a specificate sheet now on the C-Max hybrid and says it has a "Projected Electric Mode Top Speed" of 85 mph.

Ford C-Max Energi Will Return 95 MPGe According To Ford

Ford C-Max Energi Will Return 95 MPGe According To Ford

One surprising aspect of today's announcement is when the vehicle will go on sale.  With the standard C-Max hybrid hitting Ford dealerships in September, the plug-in Energi version was not expected until early not year, but Ford has announced it will also be available starting this fall.

"The Ford C-MAX Energi is within financial reach for those who want a hybrid, but is also something customers will want to reach for because of its unique look and amazing value," said Michael O'Brien, Ford electrified vehicle marketing manager. "It offers exceptional fuel economy, better features and a better price tag than a Prius plug-in hybrid, which we think will help make C-MAX Energi one of our most attractive vehicles for import customers."

As a comparison to the C-Max Energi's obvious competition at Toyota,  the plug-in Prius has a lower starting MSRP of $32,760, but only qualifies for $2,500 in federal tax credits, bringing its bottom line price $265 higher than that of the Ford at $30,260.

Ford's C-Max Energi website went live today, and you can configure your own C-Max Energi here.  Full spec sheet of the C-Max Hybrid can be found here.

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