“As with any product that is not selling as fast as producers would like, the price needs to soften to increase sales. I believe these cars are worth the MSRP, but clearly, most of the public does not,” said Paul Scott, a certified Nissan LEAF salesman at Nissan of Downtown LA about the latest program some dealerships are running for the struggling Nissan LEAF.  Currently, Fontana Nissan in San Bernardino, California and North Bay Nissan in Petaluma, California, the location of the first Nissan LEAF sold, is offering deep discounts for the 2012 Nissan LEAF.


Some California Dealerships Offering $5,000 Incentive To Buy LEAF

Although a $5,000 discount might be good for your pocket, a discount this large affects the view of the public. Paul Scott added, "I think that degrades the product in people's minds.”


However, Alam Baum, an auto industry analyst with 25 years experience said this is not news;  "There are always dealers that have too much of one vehicle and not enough of another" and therefore run incentive programs, but on the flip side, some dealers might have got ahead of themselves and "now, they’re trying to deal with it."


Also, a dealer in Washington State, Campbell Nelson Nissan is offering free charging equipment bundle with a new lease on top of the newly released low prices for either LEAF model.


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