Donated from the NWG Automotive manufacturer, Pope Benedict XVI received Vatican City's first official EV. The reason behind the donation was not for a Hail Mary, but due to his stance on the environment. The event held last week, where the founders of NWG meet with Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, NWG gave the Pope a brand new NWG Zero.

"All believers should respect creation as a great gift from God, as the environment in which they live an which they should leave as an inheritance to the next generations, so that all can enjoy its fruits and live in peace together with the Lord's other creatures," explained Father Lombardi after he blessed the car and a prayer to St. Christopher to keep all passengers safe. He added, "We should be responsible for administering a great treasure that we have been given."

Although this event could be termed religious based, Father Lombardi explained the Pope's stance on electric cars as "not only believers" need to "see man as the most important creation in creation, and therefore not to separate care for the environment from care for man."

To learn more about this special event, take a look at the piece from the Catholic News Agency.

For a closer look at the event, check out the video below:

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