For the month of June, Ford sold 89 new Ford Focus Electrics to retail customers.  This is a significant number because it is only the second month, and first full month the electric car has been on sale.

Last month, despite making the first retail deliveries on May 10th, Ford managed to get only 6 vehicles into customer's hands, and the first since 2 copies went to fleet customers in January to fufill some corporate deadline promises.

However, the 89 June deliveries is an excellent result, and vaults Ford into 2nd place for most BEVs (pure electric cars) sold in North America in a month by a major automaker, passing Mitsubishi's high water mark of 85 for the month of May.  Ford still needs to sell another 151 EVs to pass Mitsu for the year (EV automaker's monthly/YTD scorecard)

Looking to the future, we have heard reports of dealerships receiving decent size first shipments of Focus Electrics, and that appears to have been verified by the mother-ship, as Ford announced that for the first six months of the year the company had built up an inventory of 763 EVs.  By September of this year, Ford's Michigan assembly plant, in conjunction with Magna E-Car (who does all the electrification of the car) are forecasted to be producing upwards of 200 Focus Electrics per week.

So if you have been waiting on getting a Focus Electric, and happened to also be in the 'roll out zone' (California, New York and New Jersey), there is a good chance you can find one this month!


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