Although this year's Pikes Peak rally has been delayed due to the drastic fires throughout central Colorado, there will be a fully electric car to participate in the 14.2 mile hill climb. Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima, a multi-winner of the prized hill climb event will pilot an EV to the finish line.


Not much information has been released about the E-RUNNER by Monster Sport, but according to this months issue of Road and Track, the EV will supposedly have at least two motors, one front and one rear, powered by lithium batteries (take a look at the video and notice that the dyno is only on the rear wheels). Since the lack of combustion in an electric engine doesn't rely on a mixture of fuel, spark, and air, the high altitude should not have any affect on the EV compared to fuel powered vehicles that typically compete in this event.


Take a look at the E-RUNNER build and test video below and watch the Pikes Peak Hill Climb on August 12! Go EV!!!


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