Today, Nissan Motor Company released information on two new services for Nissan LEAF owners. Available through either the Nissan LEAF owners portal or via a smartphone app, these new services precisely estimate remaining battery capacity at its final destination and also offers the new Energy Usage Database. With both these new services, LEAF drivers will no longer question what the actual range will be once at the final destination.

Currently available on the Nissan LEAF owners website, a route search feature which provides directions, estimate length of time of travel, and charging spots along the way. Although all this information has been extremely informative when planning trips, owners have asked for more data such as elevation changes since any condition might change the aspects of a given EV.


The updated battery level service uses new calculations to estimate the amount of power consumed and remaining battery capacity using extended variables including inclines, declines, and air conditioning usage. To calculate this information, Nissan uses a complex simulator that will manipulate all variables of any given LEAF.

To make sure Nissan LEAF owners do not get confused with the new chart, Nissan configured the new services with the same design as the current display used on the LEAF. Using up to 12 bars when fully charged, the website or smartphone app will show route search results with the estimated battery capacity once arrived at the final destination. Nissan is, however, working on a more advanced version that will work via the LEAF's navigation unit.

Collected from about 28,000 Nissan LEAF's, the Energy Usage Database provides all the values possible of power consumed by LEAF owners that have already used similar routes the current owner is searching for. The calculations might not be the exact route, however Nissan will use routes that incorporate the same distances and elevation changes to have the most data possible.

For Nissan LEAF owners, these two services add a sense of security by having extremely reliable data before creating a charging plan. Both services will be launched by the end of this month in Japan, but there is no release date set for the United States. What are some variables that determine how much consumption your EV has? What is the most important data you feel could help your next road trip?

For more information about these services, check out the press release for Nissan.

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