Tesla today makes good on a long standing promise to deliver a no compromises, ground up built, pure EV to the market, with a live streaming  "first delivery" ceremony from their factory in Fremont, California.

Reportedly, today the company will deliver 10 shiny new Model S vehicles to eager customers.   And while these are actually deliveries 3 through 12, after the first two models went to board member Steve Jurvetson and CEO Elon Musk, I'm sure they will be nonetheless just as excited to get their cars.

Statement from Tesla on the event:

Just over three years ago we unveiled our vision for the future of transportation: Model S. Today we deliver.

For three years we have developed this car from the ground up with persistence and passion. Thank you to those who believed it could be done, and those who didn't. You're the reason we're here today, delivering the car of the 21st century. We won't stop until every car on the road is electric.

Watch live streaming of the event here today starting at 3:30 PDT: (hopefully they have gotten a little better at streaming since the debut of the Model X)





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