This Saturday, Nissan's Sunderland UK assembly plant, which is already one of the world's largest automotive manufacturing facilities (and the largest in the UK since 1998) is holding a job fair/recruitment day to tool up the factory for production on the Nissan LEAF, and three other new models that will roll out over the next two years.
Nissan job fair
Nissan Advert for June 23rd Job Fair
Nissan states: "With around 2,000 cars rolling off the production line every day, and a lithium-ion battery plant at the cutting-edge of modern technology, this is your chance to add your skills to ours. It’s also your chance to take control in one of the largest, most advanced and people focused motor manufacturers in the world...This is the start of an exciting journey for ambitious people to develop their career with a world-class manufacturer. So get ready. Take control."

This new production will create 3,000 new jobs in the area, and 625 specifically at Nissan.   Bringing the total employ to over 6,200 at the plant.    And for the first time in its history, both lines will operate "around the clock."

According to Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan VP for Manufacturing in the UK, this particular one day event will focus on the unique needs of the plant , "Four new models have now been announced for the plant. As a result we are recruiting for up to 200 specialist staff. I would encourage anyone interested in furthering their career at the UK’s biggest car plant to attend this Specialist Recruitment Day.

The company will invest £127m into expanding the capacity of the plant, which is estimated to put out a massive 550,000 units per year.  Last year the plant put out an all time record of 480,485.  It is worth noting that no other car plant in the history of the country has passed the 400,000 mark.

"Our 25th anniversary year will go down in UK car production history and all our staff can be proud of the many milestones we have passed.  Our 26th year promises to be equally exciting, as we launch the new Battery Plant at Sunderland and prepare the plant for production of the 100% Nissan LEAF alongside the Qashqai, Juke and Note."

So if your looking for a job, and you live in the UK, head over to Nissan's Sunderland plant on Saturday 23rd June. The fair is mainly aimed at Engineering, Maintenance, Information Systems, Logistics and Production Management experts.  Nissan says of the opportunity, "Ultimately, it’s your chance to see what we do first hand — and for you to show us your skills too."

We'd also like anyone who does sign up to work on the Sunderland LEAF assembly facility to immediately break their NDA and send us as much information and pictures on the new European LEAF model refresh as possible.

Nissan Sunderland Job Advert

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