With the first Tesla officially being delivered this Friday (although not really, as that has already happened), Tesla has wrapped up there 4 part video series of building a Model S at their Fremont, California plant.

Today's edition we will call final assembly, as it takes us through the end stages of production of the Model S.

After a final coat of paint and clear coat, Model S is transported to the assembly center on automated SmartCarts that follow magnetic tape strips on the floor. Along the way, robots use high-definition 3D cameras to accurately position the panoramic roof.

The interior seats, center console, and instrument cluster are all installed as SmartCarts continue to move Model S through the assembly line. Then the drivetrain and battery modules are precision-lifted and secured. After the final exterior components, such as tires, wheels and emblems are added, your car is powered up for the first time.

From their the car is inspected, and washed down thoroughly before the final and very unique quality test:

"As a final quality test before Model S is ready to be shipped, every car is tested on Tesla’s indoor confirmation track – North America’s first. Though most confirmation test tracks are outdoors, Tesla’s zero emissions powertrain makes an indoor test track possible."

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