Potentially eliminating the need to have tow trucks come and rescue electric vehicles that have fallen just short of their destinations, a British company has announced that the "world's first totally portable EV power" station is on sale now.


The unit is customized to recharge electric vehicles, with a J1772 charging connection that plugs into any EV's standard level 2 connection.  The Powys-based company says that it can charge a 2011 LEAF at the rate of 1 mile per 3 minutes, and the new 2013 LEAF (with the upgraded 6.6kW onboard charger) at 1 mile per minute.  The standard version can recharge most electrics (Volt, LEAF, Focus) with a boost equal to about 15 miles, with the deluxe putting out around 35.

James Jean-Louis, managing director at Charging Solutions that makes the innovative new product said, “The EVRescue is an innovative, standalone power unit for roadside assistance, remote locations, dealerships and repair facilities. Connect it to mains power, and it acts as an EV charger for showrooms, car maintenance and distributors, exhibitions and forecourt, providing flexible portable power without the need for fixed charging points.”

The unit comes in either a 4 kW or 10 kW version, and doubles as a standard charger when connected to the appropriate grid connection.

Product Information

  • Unique portable EV charging system, providing an EV with up to 15 miles of range without having to be re-charged.
  • Innovative, standalone power for roadside assistance, remote locations, dealer and repair facilities
  • Type 2 socket with Mode 3 communication
  • Recharge EVRESCUE from the mains (240v) or from a vehicle system (12v/24v - ideal for recovery vehicles)
  • Easy to use with rugged controls
  • Cost effective charging solution for recovery specialists, fleet management companies and vehicle distributors
  • 90 minutes for a full re-charge when unit connected to the mains (240v 13A supply)
  • Power level display shows remaining energy
  • IP rated powder coated steel enclosure
  • Lithium ion technology
  • Optional in vehicle charging option available
  • Optional tethered lead option available
  • Optional  Type 2 to J1772 / Type 2 cables
Charging Solutions Product PDF

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