A Pennsylvania company called Momentum Dynamics has equipped a Chevrolet Volt with its proprietary wireless charging system prototype .

The system allows for the car to recharge without plugging in, simply by rolling over and siting atop an inductive charging mat.  The vehicle is automatically recognized and charging begins seamlessly.

The company has been working with numerous automotive OEMs to integrate this technology into future vehicles. At first the plan is to use the system with fleet vehicles, by the end of the year they plan to equip three Chevrolet Volts and five buses.

Though the system at present works when the vehicle is stationary, it could work at speeds up to 40 miles per hour as the vehicle drives over the mats.  It is also powerful and can charge at rates greater than a level three charger.

For this convenience it is expected to cost an owner just short of $10,000 for an after market kit.

Source (MLive)

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