Are you and your spouse 4 foot 10 and weight less than 130lbs?  If so, this may be the perfect car for you!


Toyota is building a ultra-compact electric vehicle priced at less than ¥1 million yen (or abotu $12,600USD). The is vehicle is based off another ultra-ultra compact, the COMS single-seater which was sold from 2000 to 2011.  The new COMS EV seats 2, or 100% more really small people.

This 2-seater was made necessary by changes the Transport Ministry recently put into effect to allow the uber small vehicles on the road.

"Toyota Auto Body plans to install a seat and seatbelt in the cargo area, converting the COMS into a two-passenger vehicle allowed on public roads. It expects healthy demand for ultracompact EVs not only as daily-use cars for grocery shopping and other short trips, but also as an easy means of transportation for tourists."

The orginal COMS EV (previously billed as "joyful driving and riding") had an all electric range of 35 kms (22miles) and a top speed of about 50 km/hr (31 mph)

Sadly, Toyota has no plans to bring this car to America.  Rest easy Renault Twizy.

Japanese Video of the Original Toyota COMS EV:


Green Car Congress (from Nikkei) Photo: Techon

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