It appears Tesla has already had their unofficial first delivery of the Model S. The official ceremony is to be held June 22nd.  And as earlier thought, the first owner is none other than Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson.  There is a famous story told by Jurvetson that as soon as the car went on sale, he put all his money on the table to get the first one.

According to Jurvetson, "they (Tesla) were about to open (a board) meeting, so without saying a word I whip out my wallet, where I always keep one check, fill it out for the full price of the car, and then toss it across the table. Everyone was stunned. Elon looked surprised, then he said, 'Well, I guess you get the first car.'"

Evan Moore, a twitter user, first tweeted the above picture and the following (as reported by Business Insider):

@evancharles,  saw the first car delivered to a customer at the Stanford Graduate School of  Business

 UPDATE:  Now that news has brokem, Steve Jurvetson has now put up a video of the event:

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