The month has once again came to a close, which brings out the plug-in vehicle scorecard.  The list will be updated as the auto makers report.  May is traditionally an 'uptick' month overall for the industry.

Chevrolet Volt:  The General sold 1,680 Volts for May.   That is compared to 1,462 last month, bringing the yearly total to 7,057.  June is expected to be about inline with this  month's result.






 Nissan LEAF:  Nissan moved 510 LEAFs in the month of May.  This is compared to a year-low in April of 370.  Total YTD sales are 2,613.  Nissan production to the US has been constrained by worldwide demand, and no significant uptick is expected until the 2013 model year is out in September.






 Toyota Prius Plug-In:  For May Toyota sold 1,086 copies of the plug-in version of its best selling hybrid.  That is down from the cars initial month of sales in April of 1,654.  Also of interest, the standard variant sold 13,053,  while the Prius C  and V sold 3,693, and 3,645 respectively.







Ford Focus Electric:  Rollout continues to be measured at best.  We can confirm at least one retail (the very first) delivery during the month did happen just under the wire.  Details here.

Update: Ford states that "the company delivered the first Focus Electric vehicles to retail customers this month," but did not breakdown the number, so  lets go with 5.



Mitsubishi i: President & CEO Yoichi Yokozawa touted, "Mitsubishi i sales continue to grow every month," which sounds good, until one realizes entering last month they had only sold 210 cars since its launch last fall.  For May the little Mitsu sold 85 copies.

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