Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, while at a  media event last week at Chrysler's Belvidere Assembly Plant,  told Automobile magazine, than an all electric version of Fiat's popular 500 would be introduced in North America before the year's end.
And he is NOT happy about it, saying Fiatsler  "will lose money on every car we make."
CEO Marchionne said the electric Fiat 500 is being build strictly as  a compliance car to meet requirements in California and other CARB states for electric vehicles.  At least he is being honest with company's intentions.
500 electric
He did later add that there may be some value to letting Chrysler engineers get familiar with electric powertrains.  No word if these are the same engineers who designed and built four different electric vehicles already for Chrysler's once prominent ENVI lineup.
According to Mr. Marchionne:

“The economics of EVs simply don’t work. On the 500 that Chrysler will begin selling in the U.S. next year, we will lose over $10,000 per unit despite the retail price being three times higher (than the standard ICE)"

The Fiat 500 EV first appeared at the 2010 NAIAS, and had a range of 100, the production version is thought to sport a more LEAF-like 75 miles.  No specs on battery capacity or performance have been made available at time of press.

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