There has been some suggestion that the Prius is theWorld's 3rd best selling car line.   The Prius is a great selling "line" of cars, but it is not quite right to compare a  "family" of four cars to individual models and then declare it 3rd best.  The Prii are four very different cars, competing in different segments.  The standard Prius a mid-size hatchback, a Prius V mid-size a wagon of sorts. The Prius C, a sub-compact hatchback and finally the Plug-In Prius.

In fact Toyota has stated that the Prii are on the path to become a brand in its own right with the Sports Coupe pictured above possibly slated to be added as flagship to the brand in 2014  The idea of a Prii minivan has also been tossed around.

In the US the standard Prius had a great April, finishing 5th amongst top selling models.  For 2012 YTD the Prius surged 55.7% over 2011, topped only by the Focus which surged 57.3% for the same period. Just looking at the standard Prius 2012 YTD it would rank 10th in units sold. Still, a remarkable feat for a hybrid.


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