A runaway Toyota Camry in Geneseo, New York, did its very best to test the safety standards put into place around this Chevrolet Volt's battery pack, and the Volt passed with flying colors.

According to the Livingston County news:

"(The Camry) failed to stop, continuing at high speed over a ditch, onto the Johnson lawn and into two vehicles (one of which being a Chevrolet Volt) which were parked side-by-side in Johnson’s driveway.

The ensuing crash pushed both the parked vehicles a distance of about 25 feet in a lateral direction. The vehicle receiving the brunt of the impact was a new electric car valued at $42,000."

Ironically, it was the Camry that at some point caught fire.  With a police officer telling the Volt owner to "‘go get your extinguisher. The engine’s on fire."  The officer later then climbed on top of aother vehicle in the wreckage and put out the Toyota's engine fire.

No word on whether or not the insurance company is planning to write off this car.  But you never know, a little bondo and touch up paint...should be fine.


Livingston County News via Green Car Reports

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