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Just about every electric car these days comes with a mobile application of some kind.  Generally, that app lets the owner know thing like; if their car is plugged in, what their state of charge is, what the available range is, etc. However, this week at FiRe (Future in Review Conference), Ford and Microsoft are upping their game, by announcing that time of day/location, utility metering will also be available to owners, through a cloud based app by Microsoft.

"Microsoft technology is opening up new possibilities for the connected car in areas that both augment and transcend today's systems," says Ben Smith, director of program management for Windows Embedded at Microsoft. "From using simple voice commands to navigate to the nearest coffee shop or manage the interior temperature, to using the vehicle's on-board technology to find the most economical place to charge up, Microsoft and Ford are changing the way people interact with their vehicle."

Ford and Microsoft dub this feature 'value charging', which keeps track of when participating local utilities switch to off-peak charging rates, minimizing costs to owners.  Drivers who enable 'value charging', can then plug in their cars without being concerned of rate changes in their area. The app monitors utility rate timetables and automatically transmits a signal to the vehicle to start charging at the lowest cost.

"The MyFord Mobile Microsoft value charging technology can help save customers money now and, in the future, lessen the pressure on our infrastructure as more electrified vehicles hit the streets," says Bill Frykman, Ford Connected Services-Product & Business Development.

The MyFord Mobile app will be available for all major platforms, including Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

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