Over the past two decades and estimated 15 billion dollars has cumulatively gone into hydrogen research, rollout and infrastructure.  President Bush's "Freedom Fuel Initiative" alone pumped 1.2 billion dollar into the pipeline to bring 100,000, cost neutral to gas, hydrogen cars onto US roads by 2010.

The most recent tally of alternative fueling stations by the Department of Energy indicate that might have been a bit naive...either that, or there one heck of a long lineup at those 56 hydrogen fueling stations.

Here is the breakdown of adoption of various charging station platforms  in the US:

Electric-9,010 Propane-2,662 85% Ethanol-2,498 Compressed Natural Gas-992 Biodiesel-617 Hydrogen-56 Liquefied Natural Gas-47

*Electric charging units are counted once for each outlet available and does not include residential electric charging infrastructure.  Totals by State is the total number of fuel types available at stations. Stations are counted once for each type of fuel available.

While electric charging has just recently taken the lead in the US for alt-energy re-fueling stating, that lead has been geowing at a tremendous rate over the past 18 months.

The rollout of various platforms are no where near geographically even, the following is a list of stations by type and location by state:

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