The window on Ford's Spring launch to retail customers is quickly closing. One user at was given a time frame of early to mid April for delivery of his Focus Electric which was ordered in November of 2011.  Discussions with the dealer have disclosed that the vehicle has been built but was pulled before being shipped.

Understandably manufacturers run full QC checks on all early production vehicles coming off a line, as opposed to periodic checks that come later when the validity of the manufacturing process has been proven.

Such was the case with GM, where it pulled most of the early Volts for a complete QC check on the vehicles, leaving anxious owners who were tracking the cars to wonder when, if ever, they would receive a vehicle that been built many weeks earlier.

This delay has lead others to speculate that Ford might be having software issues with the car. GM proudly touted the fact that the Volt had 10 million lines of code. More than many modern aircraft. Others viewed that as 10 million ways things could go wrong.

To date the software of the Volt has proven to be reliable, with only minor complaints being lodged, and most of that related to the infotainment systems of the car. No word from Ford on how many lines the FFE uses, but potentially it could be less than the Volt because of the lack of an internal combustion engine and all of its associated processes.

Another possiblity raised is the working out the final details of exactly where and when the first vehicles will be delivered. The first buyers for the Leaf and the Volt were highly publicized and in the case of the Volt, symbolic. The first buyer of a Volt was someone trading in a Prius. A fact which was certainly not coincidental to that buyers being given the honor of receiving the first Volt.

The first buyer of the Leaf was someone who gamed the online ordering system and managed to be the first to get his order in.  In a reversal of things Nissan sold allocation directly to buyers who decided which dealer they would take delivery at.

Maybe Ford is looking for is looking for someone who wants to trade in a Leaf?

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