This week EVS26 is happening in Los Angeles, Toyota has announced the RAV4 EV, there is a charging standard war going on, basically there is a lot of news happening, that we could be reporting right now.  Yet we find ourselves once again hosting pictures of an electric vehicle in a car accident.

Who amongst us doesn't slow to take a gander at an auto accident?  We know we shouldn't, but we can't help it.  Now, make the car in that accident the same as our own, or something we desire, and the speed is coming way down.  But thanks to the media, if it is an electric vehicle on the side of the road, we are also slowing in hopes of witnessing a 100-foot plume of fire singeing the sky.

Here you can see where a Carlton man, in his Nissan LEAF, challenged the rear end of stopped, empty school bus.  /we'll get you next time bus!

Unfortunately, for the 71 year old driver of the LEAF, he was also charged with careless driving, and now gets to be an internet celebrity after what would normally be a fairly routine accident.  According to the Yamill Valley News-Register, both front and side airbags went off and he was wearing his seatbeat, which left him with only minor injuries, which were treated on the scene.

We assume the car likely burst into flames shortly after this picture was taken.

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