If you want to get noticed in an electric car, forget the Nissan LEAF, Prius Plug-In or Chevrolt Volt, they are too tame. Tesla Roadster then? How about the Fisker Karma? Those are nice choices, but nothing comes close to the Renault Twizy.

To prove this point, Renault had the Twizy make its rounds through New York City this weekend, and no one overlooked this electric car. Can we even call it a car?  Its more like the Hot Wheels version of an electric car.  Insane curves? It has them.  Funky interior?  Has that too.  Windows?  Who needs those?  How about super car scissor doors? Why not.

If there is more visual bang for the automotive buck on the road today, I don't know what that could be. In the UK, where the car is currently on sale, it comes in at about £6,690 with a £45 battery hire...that is about $10,500 in USD, and a battery lease of $70 monthly on top.

Now the drawbacks, and there aren't many, other than it is ridiculously impractical and only seats two.   Unless of course, its a Friday night, and you have just decided on a whim to leave you NY city loft and 'pop on down' to see Chicago playing at your local Ambassador Theater, then it makes perfect sense.  A maximum speed of either 45 or 80 km/hr (depending on the model) can hamper your long distance plans, as could the 60 mile maximum range.

Still, even though Renault has always said this was envisioned for Europe, and last time I checked I didn't notice a lot of Renault dealerships stateside, the company sent out a few ripples while in the Big Apple by stating "Renault Twizy won't go on sale in the US ... but you just wait and see".

/looks like your larger metropolitan Nissan dealerships are going to be stocking the flashiest EV on the planet after all

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