Not so long ago, Tesla caught the electric vehicle industry off guard by offering not just a 160 mile range car, or a 230 mile range car, but a 300 mile car, complete with a 85 kWh battery.  An electric range and capacity that many felt was still years away from being a reality.

Then Tesla went one better by announcing that they "were our way to delivering Model S  in July", while adding they would be delivering 5,000 cars this year.

That is big talk, and a lot of promises for a company that, at the time, had nothing close to an operating facility, or had even let anyone drive a working production-intent model.  There was some skepticism in the industry.

Then about a month ago Tesla send out emails to all their signature series reservation holders (those than had reserved the very best of the best version of the Model S and were guaranteed to be part of the first 1,000 cars delivered):

 "Tesla Personal Delivery." --- We will deliver your car wherever you like: your home, your office, your friend’s house, your hotel on vacation, or anywhere else that makes you smile" while reiterating some deliveries in July.

So will Tesla deliver inside the next three months to actual customers?  Maybe.  Confirmations and estimated delivery dates have been returned to these, Tesla's most high end customers, and so far, the best seen in August, with the bulk saying September.  So it appears that if Tesla does complete Job 1 and deliver a car or two in July, it will be a promotional event only, to a pre-selected recipiant (s).

Still, only being a month off in the EV world is like hitting a bullseye.  Now about those 5,000 cars in 2012?  We will revisit that goal in a few months.

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