Yesterday, eight major automakers and both the Society of International Engineers and European manufacturing association (ACEA) got together at EVS26 in Los Angeles and debuted the "new standard" for DC fast charging, the Combined Charging System (link).

However, many questions still remained. Would this group be strong enough to dethrone the existing CHAdeMO standard for fast charging, which is already found on all EVs on the road today, and on charging stations throughout Europe, Japan and California? What would established EV makers like Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota, that are currently backing CHAdeMO do? And when will retail customers actually see the "new standard" on the road?

To that end, it would seem GM will be taking the first step to getting wheels on the road, by offering the new system in their new, all electric product, the Chevrolet Spark EV. Said to begin the production processĀ in January of 2013, and then later introduced as a 2014 model later in the year, GM spokesman Kevin Kelly said the Spark EV will offer the new Combined Charging System on board when production does begin, making it the first announced new electric offering to thrown down the challenge to CHAdeMO.

Now where you are going to plug your Spark EV in when your away from home with only CHAdeMO charging stations dotting the landscape? That's another story. The Combined Charging System is only "projected" to be available by the end of this year, and in limited availability.

Spark EV First New EV to Adopt New Fast Charging Standard
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