Wesley Sherwood in Ford Communications confirmed in an email that Ford will offer an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty on the battery of the Focus Electric.

I asked Wes if he could comment on what specifically Ford would guarantee with that warranty.  Will post a response if I get one.

A prospective buyer had noticed that his Monroney Sticker for the Focus Electric he had ordered was listing the "powertrain" warranty at 5 year/60k miles, and cars.com was showing the same info.

Here is the text of the email:

Hi Marc,

I can help with your question.  We will offer an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty for the Focus Electric battery and EV-specific components such as the motor.  I hope that helps, and please let me know if you have other questions.  Thank you.


Wes Sherwood

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