News Flash: DoE To Fund “Highly Innovative” Approaches To Increase Deployment Of Electric Vehicles

JUL 19 2014 BY STAFF 11

DoE Announcement

DoE Announcement – Click To Enlarge

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will award up to $4.5 million for “highly innovative approaches to increase the acceptance and deployment” of Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Those alternative fuel vehicles include:

  • Methanol, ethanol, and other alcohols
  • Blends of 85% or more of alcohol with gasoline
  • Natural gas and liquid fuels domestically produced from natural gas
  • Liquefied petroleum gas (propane)
  • Coal-derived liquid fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Electricity
  • Fuels (other than alcohol) derived from biological materials (including pure biodiesel (B100))
  • P-Series

There are 3 different areas listed under this funding opportunity:

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Demonstration and Enhanced Driver Experience Projects
  • Alternative Fuel Training for First Responders, Public Safety Officials, and Critical Service Providers
  • Incorporating Alternative Fuels into Emergency Response and Preparedness Operations

For more details on this DoE announcement, click here.

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11 Comments on "News Flash: DoE To Fund “Highly Innovative” Approaches To Increase Deployment Of Electric Vehicles"

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Micke Larsson

That is just annoying. Going from fossil fuels to fossil fuels is no solution.

When is the madness of sponsoring fossil fuels going to end?

Batt Ry

The list illustrates the ambition to use various approaches to combat the oil dependence. It’s a trade-balance investment.


Just bribe politicians to promote electric only, like they do for fossil fuels.


I don’t think Elon Musk is the kind of guy who’d give campaign “donations” or legal bribes.


I never once mentioned WHO should do the bribing…


Give them all Tesla Model S’s!


I agree with the above complaints but how much is anyone going to do with 4.5M when it seems like it’s going to be spread around. It’s just a drop in the bucket. Also, this seems more focused on first responders so it really won’t move the meter much on “alternate fuels”.


Just increase the 18 cents per gallon federal gas tax and you’ll see change….


Let’s focus on the positives here. Sure $4.5 million, is a drop in the bucket, but it is better than no cash at all.

I believe that the US Government is trying to let the free market decide the winning alternative fuel source. True, things would move faster if the government focused on 1-2 alternative fuel sources, but that goes against our strong sense of capitalism.


Electric is much better than “coal derived” fuels, believe you me!


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