NewMotion Offers Access To 100,000 Public Charging Points In Europe

MAR 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 5

Having a NewMotion card enables you to charge from more than 100,000 points

NewMotion, acquired in 2017 by Shell, is the first in Europe to reach a milestone of 100,000 public charging points connected to the network.

Part of those charging points are NewMotion network stations, while the others are available through roaming from other networks in a total of 28 countries.

“NewMotion is the first in the industry to have reached more than 100,000 charge points in its roaming charging network in Europe. The company works together with over 200 roaming partners to build this extensive network of public charge points, allowing EV drivers to roam seamlessly across 28 countries in Europe.

Achieving this milestone underlines NewMotion’s continued commitment to powering the e-mobility movement by providing the best possible charging experience for individuals and companies.”

The number of registered NewMotion cardholders increased from 100,000 in 2017 to more than 170,000 now.

“More than 170,000 registered NewMotion charge card holders are already enjoying the benefits of Europe’s largest roaming charging network. This charge card includes seamless international billing and settlement with specified VAT per country, allowing a transparent and easy EV charging experience across Europe for businesses and individuals.”

See the NewMotion charging point map here.

NewMotion’s CEO Sytse Zuidema:

“Reaching this milestone of more than 100,000 charge points in our network as we enter our 10th year in the e-mobility industry is extra special. Our aim is to continuously improve the experience for EV drivers by expanding our network throughout Europe. The bottom line should always be that e-mobility, charging infrastructure and charging services are designed for utmost efficiency by working collaboratively with partners everywhere. With those partners and EV drivers in mind, we will continue to develop new and better services in the years to come. Our V2X charger and Group Charge app are some great examples of how NewMotion works on ensuring the best possible charging experience.”

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This is a nice headline figure but the coverage is very patchy especially here in the UK. There are far more CP’s in Eire than in the UK on this network.
We have to hope that Shell is going to put a lot more money into the network and improve their coverage. To have less than 15 CP’s in the whole of Scotland is not something to shout about IMHO.

Shell wants to be the biggest energy company in the world. Put your money where your mouth is Shell.

Sorry, like most of the world, I don’t use Twitter. What is the point you were trying to make?

Let me look at the prices:
– 0,35EUR for starting charging (max. 7EUR/month). Plugsurfing doesn’t have such a fee.
– Charging with 11kW at AC chargers by EnBW costs nearly 0.40EUR/kWh. And even more when charging slowly because of 0.07EUR/min (ok, Plugsurfing is even more expensive).
– Charging with 11kW at AC chargers by costs even more -> 0.10EUR/min. Same price for Schuko (max. 3.6kW BTW). Plugsurfing is cheaper here.

Ok, e.g. EnBW just switched to kWh/EUR at the beginning of this month (up to 0.49EUR/kWh) due to regulations.
Luckily there’s still Maingau Energie -> In Germany max. 0.25EUR/kWh + time fee after 2h (AC) resp. 1h (DC).


Very expensive in the UK, at least – renders most chargepoints unusable.