Newly Unveiled Blink HQ Home Charger Costs $599*; Comes With $100 of Free Charging


It's Not a Quick-Charger, But Blink Sort of Wants You to Think It Is

It’s Not a Quick-Charger, But Blink Sort of Wants You to Think It Is

It’s coming in “early Summer 2013” and with it you’ll get $100 in FREE charging.

That’s the word from Blink regarding its new HQ home chargers.  To that, Blink adds this:

“Blink HQ, a new family of EV charging products for the home, gives you complete range confidence. Only Blink HQ provides a full charge every morning and the connection to Blink Network’s over 4,000 public chargers.”

Blink HQ

Blink HQ

Then Blinks tosses out this question: “How can you get a charge from your home EVSE when you’re not even there?”

Easy, says Blink.  That’s where the $100 of “FREE Charging on Blink Network’s over 4,000 public charging stations” comes in.

Technical specifications for Blinks HQ chargers include:

Power Input: 208-240 VAC, single phase, 30 A maximum, 60 Hz
Standby Power: <5 W
Delay Timer: 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour delay, user selected
Operating Temperature: -22F to 122F
Charging Cable Length: 18 feet
Enclosure: NEMA Type 3R
Size: 13.8 W x 15.7 H x 5.0 D inches
Weight: 15.4 pounds
Safety Listing: UL

The $100 in free charging comes via a “$100 membership credit to be used at any of Blink Network’s over 4,000 publicly available charging stations.

The low-ball MSRP of $599 is likely for the non 30-amp version.  Blink doesn’t break out its pricing structure yet, nor does it list what amperages will be available.  We do know that at least one HQ charger in the lineup is a 30-amp unit, but beyond that Blink leaves us guessing for now.

Blink wants potential buyers to know that you can make a no-obligation reservation now by calling 1-888-998-2546 or filling out the form here.

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It’s a nice looking unit. Too bad Blink has a horrible reputation…

I believe these are made by Bosch for Blink so hopefully they will be better quality than the previous generation of Blink chargers.


Hard to say, Bosch is generally pretty good, but I purchased a Bosch 1 1/2 ” hammer drill years ago that’s basically a piece of junk. A 30 amp light switch shouldn’t be a big deal, but apparently it is for (on the ) Blink. Even my Schneider 30 amp unit which this looks very similar to, needed beefing up to prevent overheating….No shortage of “Great Brains” in the EVSE design departments, apparently.