New BYD Tang PHEV Looks Stunning, Goes 50 Miles On Battery – Videos

APR 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

BYD presents in China its new generation of its Tang plug-in hybrid SUV, designed by Wolfgang Egger (a former Audi designer) who in 2017 introduced a new design language.

Previous generation of BYD Tang

When BYD Tang appeared on the market in mid-2015, it quickly became the best selling plug-in in China reaching more than 5,500 sales in December 2015 –  a result that no other BYD plug-in has surpassed to date.

In 2016, BYD sold more than 31,400 Tangs, but sales decreased below 15,000 last year and now to less than 1,700 in the first quarter as the Tang awaits this new version.

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The new Tang looks stunning. It can seat seven (2+3+2) and is very quick – 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 4.5 seconds. The powertrain uses a 2.0 gasoline engine (205 hp) and two 150 kW motors for rear wheels (505 hp total).

All-electric range of BYD Tang is claimed to be up to 80 km (50 miles).

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14 Comments on "New BYD Tang PHEV Looks Stunning, Goes 50 Miles On Battery – Videos"

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The first gen. Tang looked better. Now it looks like an fossil Audi.

Seems like stunningly ugly grills are all the rage with car makers.

Holy Highlander Batman!!

Yes, looks like a generic SUV, like they all do.

That looks really nice. Videos are terrible, first one has the worst music ever, and the others have someone talking in tongues.

Anyone else notice that the dashboard looks very reminiscent of a Tesla?

Love when will it come to the USA?

Hopefully after crash testing…

They are quickly getting their crash test standards up to date, my guess it performs as well as anything. It isn’t one of those mini cars that don’t perform well.

What is the drag coefficient Cd? Any info on that?

Like every SUV, not much better than a brick.

Why only 50 miles. They should have the battery of tesla going 275miles.
When is this coming to USA and how much I wonder

It’s a PHEV not an EV

Can I get one with a 1300 engine and two 75kw motors….that would be fine, and I doubt I need such a big grill for that?