New York City To Add 10,000 Public Charging Spots

FEB 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 23

New York To Add 10,000 Public Charging Stations Over Next 7 Years

New York To Add 10,000 Public Charging Stations Over Next 7 Years

Currently, New York has about 100 public charging stations.   But in a speech planned for later today,  Mayor Bloomberg is announcing a plan to bring in a lot more.

Mayor Bloomberg To Announce New "Green Initiatives" For New York Today

Mayor Bloomberg To Announce New “Green Initiatives” For New York Today (photo via NY Daily News)

In total, the new plan calls for 10,000 new charging stations to be installed over the next seven years.

As part of the plan, and by working with the City Council, the Mayor plans to change the city’s building code so that 1 in every 5 new parking spaces will include a curbside charging station.

“(We will) make New York City a national leader in electric vehicles,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

The First Nissan e-NV200 "Taxi Of Tomorrow" Gets Delivered To New York Earlier Last Year

The First Nissan NV200 “Taxi Of Tomorrow” Gets Delivered To New York Earlier Last Year, Perhaps The Electric Version Will Also Arrive In NYC Someday

Seperately, the city is planning on collecting data from a pilot program in Manhattan that would see two fast chargers installed.

The first of the fast chargers is available  to the public, with the other strictly used for taxi drivers and government workers.



Previously:  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that $4.4 million has been awarded to ten companies, municipalities and other entities to enable more than 325 new electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations to be installed across New York State

“With New Yorkers facing higher prices at the pump, the state is stepping up to make owning an electric vehicle an affordable and convenient option,” Governor Cuomo said. “Creating an infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles will create jobs and new economic development across the state, while reducing our carbon footprint and helping protect the environment.”

AP via WSJ, photo via NYDailyNews, and a hat tip to Alan for the Gov. Cuomo media release.

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And all 10,000 will probably be ICE’d when somebody wants to use them.

So cynical

…and I thought the same thing too, (=

Parking tickets = more city revenue 🙂

That’s a genius idea. Pay the chargers with the tickets revenue from EV haters.

Definitely on to something here!

I see people jamming the charging cords into their gas caps to look like they are charging. Put a little EV sticker on the back and you are all set.

Well at least you can buy a 32oz soda while you wait … oh wait.

Could you change the title to say “New York City…”? I got excited when I saw the headline, only to have my hope smashed when I got to the word “Mayor”.

This is an interesting development, I’m curious to see how it pans out. You mention that the QC study will be only in Manhattan. Of course, NYC is more than Manhattan. Does the greater plan cover the other 4 boroughs? One in 5 spots with an EVSE in the Bronx is much more interesting than in Manhattan. Even better would be 1 in 5 spots at every Metro North station, but then you’re talking about the ‘burbs, and not the city.

People live outside NYC? Good to know. Added ‘city’ to title

Related: Gov. Cuomo’s office put out a press release saying they were going to add more than 325 charging stations elsewhere in the state.

No offense, but in the article you say “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced…” and then provide a link dated June 6th 2012.

Sorry, that should read “previously”, will fix that asap. Thanks, Brian

even more interesting is that new parking lot construction will require that 20% of the spots can easily be wired for docking stations.. I assume this means they will install conduit to those parking spaces and eventually wire them up

Yeah I like this idea – its cheaper to put the conduit in now and just leave it empty, so that when you come back in the future you can pull the wires and drop the charging head unit on the spot.

This should give a nice boost to plug in sales, especially in Manhattan. It’s only 33 square miles. You could drive a Leaf or Focus EV for a week before needing another charge.

Also, many business are already installing charging for employees.

Wow you guys publish articles almost as fast as ABG!!
Is it because of the new guy?

…almost as fast?

Pfft, you take that back. They haven’t even got this story up yet, (=

(Eric is wicked quick though)

What will they charge for plugging in? Probably about $25. It should be noted that the average cost to park in a garage in midtown Manhattan is about $45 for 12 hours. Since I work on 52nd St., and park there everyday, I could not afford the added expense to plug in.

Most of the existing garages that have charging offer it for free. I plug in when I park in NYC all the time. I doubt that will last forever though.

I wonder what brand and size of charger they are going to have, I already know the voltage (200 on a good day)

Most all of the public chargers there now are Coulomb and either on the ChargePoint or Beam network.

It’s a start…. need a few hundred thousand…


I can see it now – all those charging stations and all the parking slots full of gas powered cars. How are you going to keep non-electric cars from parking in those slots?