The New York Times Test Drives Kia Soul EV – Video

FEB 6 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Here is another short video review of the Kia Soul EV.

This time it comes from The New York Times and is a quite interesting presentation that maybe will be useful for those who are considering purchasing Kia’s electric car.

“Soul EV packs on an average of 500 pounds, making it one hefty hamster. In corners this mass is felt — generally in a good way — because of a lowered center of gravity. Acceleration is punchy and satisfying in city skirmishes, though over all, Soul EV is not particularly fast. Going from 0 to 60 hovers in the 11-second range. Don’t race a Prius. You will lose.”

Although the Soul EV isn’t available nationwide, New York seems to be included in the initial rollout.

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Did they let Broder write this article too?


EV companies need to put more control in the hands of the drivers. I appreciate that they want to extend the range as far as possible. But sometimes us EV drivers want the performance and we know that range will not be an issue. So always have a sport mode & an eco mode so we can pick if we want performance or range.


THey said expect that to change in 2015. (regarding being available only in California) do they know something we don’t?

You know, I’ve often been puzzled by the refinement in this vehicle. It’s like they spent a whole lot of time designing it and trying to get everything right. Even the software on the center console is purpose designed for that car. So it amazes me that they’d put so much effort into a compliance car.

As a new owner I agree- it feels way more refined than a compliance car. Their advertising for it was also high budget. They are sending out pretty thorough surveys to the new owners. I believe they are preparing for a serious rollout.

Sweet. 🙂 The move BEV’s, the better. 🙂

Maybe they’ll add a Sport Mode, if enough current Soul EV owners lament over it…

“more”, sorry. Darn missing edit function… Grrr.

It’s not a compliance car. It sells around the world.
They sold nearly 500 in Europe since coming out a few months ago. And I won’t be surprised if it gets pushed strongly into the domestic Korean, as well as Japanese market.

Yes, as a 3-month Soul EV owner, have to agree: they achieved a really great car, only to sell tens per month! So my guess is they are being conservative but getting ready for a big ramp-up. Since these are produced on the same line, same basic parts as the high-volume Soul, as long as they can get batteries, they could ramp this up quickly.

Did you buy or lease? If lease what kind of pricing did you get? I’m considered one for the end of this year.

I don’t think it should be described as a compliance car. It is sold in the UK as well. Presumably elsewhere as well. Not in Australia though where we get lots of the standard version

Well it is their first EV, at least their first significant one, so it would be fair to guess that they want to ramp up with caution as they gather experience from early owners.

It is probably unwise to jump to high production rates on a new class of vehicle. They seem to be developing the segment though, not merely complying, like Ford with the Focus.

We would have one of these in our garage if it were available in Minnesota today… unfortunately, by the time it rolls into other states we will likely be too close to the release of various 150mi+ range EVs from GM, Tesla, and Nissan for me to be willing to buy one

If this is a “Production Retail Beta Test”, it makes sense to limit to 5,000 early adopters (of this vehicle), so they can get feedback, and decide things like Sport/Eco/Regular modes to implement, Battery pack/Range sizes/choices going forward.

I like the reasonable fast (6.6 kW) AC Charging, plus the CHAdeMO up to 100 kW where available! As it is, with a spec if 93 miles rated, it sounds good for the price category it is in, and I have read reports of it driving about 105 miles at 65 MPH on the Freeway, in California! With a bit of range still left!

No Tesla, but still less bucks than even the 160 (Tesla Miles), 40 kWh Model S, and that car was limited to AC charging, up to ~20 kW! It had no Supercharger option, and so it could not even take advantage of the soon to be released CHAdeMO Adapter!

Now, if they already have an even better model in the works, it makes sense to let out just a few of these, to see if the owner surveys responses line up with their plans!