New York Times BMW i8 Video Review


“With a cabin from “Tron” paired with fuel-sipping performance, this plug-in hybrid shows enthusiasts that the future is bright. But cheap it won’t be.”

States the New York Times in its video review of the BMW i8.

Times adds:

“The i8 starts at $137,495. Not cheap. But even at $150,000, which is the cost of the i8 I tested, it seems like a giveaway considering it is transportation, an amusement park thrill ride and investment-grade art backed by a staggering engineering budget. Doc Brown may ditch the DeLorean for one after figuring out how to integrate a Mr. Fusion.

Consider this: I was stuck in creeping highway traffic with a Porsche Panamera 4S on my bumper, but the i8 had the visual power to render the German completely invisible. Never have so many drivers broken the no-phone law so gleefully.”

BMW i8

BMW i8

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I would like to hear the same reviewer compare to the Model S. It costs less, it’s faster, and has much more cargo/passenger space.

They are not even compatible. One is a 2+2 plug in hybrid coupe the other is a 5+2 EV 4 door family hauler. I would also say the i8 is a fresh design while the Model S design is derivative in may ways, which was part of its success.

Why are tesla owners/fans never able to be happy that there are alternative designs that may also be good?

On his previous blog and forum, before he became affiliated with the NY Times, said that he requested a review car from Tesla, but they do not provide them for a week at a time without a Tesla employee present. Maybe that will change with NY Times backing since I see other channels with Model S reviews.

I think you mean comparable. I do agree with Kdawg though that purchasing an i8 makes no sense when stacked up against the Model S.

I’m not happy or unhappy. I just see the reviewer really liking several aspects of the i8, and would like to see his socks blown off by a Tesla. It seems like it would tick a lot more of his boxes and curtail his complaints.

Not sure a Tesla is going to blow anyone’s socks off after an i8. It looks plain, is super heavy, has a low rent interior, and is basically only “sporty” in a straight line.

I mean I loves me a Model S but they are completely different kinds of cars. Like comparing an SUV and a coupe.

To compare Model S vs any combustion car is like comparing maglev train vs diesel train.

Yeah, thats one thing that always bothered me about the reviews of my Roadster. Everyone mentioned 0-60, but no one mentioned other driveability issues.

TopGear, to its credit, did what I thought was a pretty fair review.

I owned a Roadster so I’m allowed to say that.